Reasons for Trying Alternative Cancer Treatment Methods

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Reasons for Trying Alternative Cancer Treatment Methods

Alternative Cancer Treatments Debate

alternative cancer treatment methodsThe debate about alternative cancer treatment versus standardized treatment protocols is nothing new. Considering that at stake are lives, it is as acute today as it has ever been.

When cancer diagnosis strikes, one of the first things that most people ask is: “What are my options?” Here the word ‘options’ represents hope expressed in the form of cancer treatments available to these individuals. To them it also means to be able to fight cancer and to survive. Most cancer patients are looking for recognized and established cancer therapies that offer best outcomes with fewer side effects. However, usually only when it is clear that the disease does not respond to the orthodox treatment protocols, the need for alternative option starts to emerge. Some patients are eager to switch their focus to alternative cancer treatment methods, others choose status quo.

Today numerous cancer treatments are available for many cancer types. As the science behind oncological treatment protocols advances, so does their efficacy. However, despite the improvements in mainstream oncological modalities more people attempt to use alternative cancer treatment methods. The reasons behind their decisions to turn to alternative methods vary.

For example, one of the reasons is that poor ratio of efficacy to toxicity makes many sick from debilitating side effects. While not offering acceptable response from the tumor(s), such cancer treatments can become burden on the patient.

On the other hand, alternative cancer treatment methods may appeal to some cancer patients because they may offer fewer side effects with the promise of better response from the tumor. In some cases they work very well and deliver on the promise, in others less so, or event not at all. There are too many factors at play to offer any certainty of an outcome, particularly when dealing with late-stage, advanced and metastasized cancers. As well, cancers themselves vary significantly in aggressiveness and responsiveness to treatments.

Established Protocols vs Alternative Cancer Treatments

Many cancer patients and physicians blindly believe that established treatment protocols are the only avenues to fight cancer. Unfortunately it is very hard to predict in advance how one responds to one or another protocol. In some cases, it follows that people loose precious time and disease advances beyond the abilities of standard treatments to contain it.

In such cases, usually, only radical and powerful treatment can offer hope. Promises are abound in the marketplace of oncological modalities. Alternative cancer treatments come in all “shapes and colors”. They range from new experimental oncological drugs with very limited test time to older cancer treatment methods, which are almost forgotten. Only some of these alternative treatments can deliver on their promise.

One of powerful alternative cancer treatment methods is Regional Chemotherapy (RCT). It is suitable for a number of solid tumor cancer types in various stages of progression. More about RCT is available here.