Regional Chemotherapy and Synergetic Cancer Therapies

The health and quality of life of cancer patients has to be the focus of oncological work. All treatments are based upon the principle: It is the tumour that should suffer, — not the patient.

Regional Chemotherapy
Whole Tumor Vaccination
Pain Therapy
Oncological Surgery
Principles and Modalities of Modern RCT Treatment:

The principle of treatment is to reduce the size of typically extensive tumors by means of highly concentrated regional chemotherapy (RCT) methods. Immediate post-RCT-treatment detoxification through chemofiltration allows to mitigate and largely prevent the occurrence of side effects in cancer patients.

Once reduction of tumor size is attained through regional therapy, the tumour, including any regional metastases, can be surgically removed, following the principles of oncological surgery. Surgical treatment can be supplemented with individually adapted pain therapy. Pain therapy helps to minimize the symptoms and to provide more comfort.