Regional Chemotherapy Patients Speak. Episode 2

regional chemotherapy patients

Regional Chemotherapy Patients Speak. Episode 2

The second episode of Regional Chemotherapy Patients Speak. As part of our #damagecancer Project, cancer patients, who received Regional Chemotherapy cancer treatment, continue to share there thoughts and experiences. Their loved ones joined them in the studio and also had things to say. The group and the host have a candid discussion on the subject of cancer treatment and care. You will hear some praises as well as some very harsh words.

The conversation is engaging, educational and surely emotional. Truly, life can be “stranger than fiction” and you will realize it once again when you hear the stories and the opinions of this group of cancer patients and their loved.

Note: Unfortunately, a few months after the filming of this interview, Jerry lost his battle with cancer. RIP courageous man. 

If you have not seen the first episode yet, you can see it here. Feel free to send us a request for information, from here, if you or your loved one may be helped.