Cancer Fighting Ninja

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Cancer Fighting Ninja

The Ninja Metaphor

cancer fighting ninjaThe metaphor of a cancer fighting ninja came about because cancer has been one of the most formidable opponents that people have been fighting against. Cancer spares nobody and takes no sides. However, the tools and the means to fight this disease have been improving slowly, as new discoveries in science and technology allow for better understanding of it.

Scientists have made significant progress in developing new drugs, discovering natural inhibitors and powerful processes that help to subdue and damage cancer. Biotechnological and pharmacological companies, both large and small, are in constant search of new substances and devises to improve our cancer fighting abilities. People need to take the upper hand in this battle, and we believe that this will happen.

Although we do not have an all-mighty, invincible cancer fighting ninja quite yet, surprises happen. It seems that the ninjas are still in training, and the training is progressing. However, every ones in a while, one of them may break the rules and attempt to start a fight. Not knowing the extent of their own powers, such “ninjas” test their strengths in combats with cancers. In this case the true discovery comes from the battle.

Just like the impatient and insubordinate ninja warriors, new cancer treatment therapies suddenly appear hear and there. Just like the insolent ninjas in training, some of these cancer treatments show good strength and results in their fights with cancers. Others, unfortunately, may fail their missions, but one has no chance of winning without getting into a fight. The important aspect of these treatments is to try, to break the rules and to expose cancer’s weaknesses that can be exploited by next generation of irreverent cancer fighting ninjas.


Cancer Fighting Ninja — Regional Chemotherapy

Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) is one such irreverent cancer fighting ninja. It is powerful, focused and can be deadly to many tumors. The tools, or the weapons, that regional chemotherapy brings to the fight are similar to those of other chemotherapy treatments. However, the fighting style is different and can offer a big advantage in a fight with a tumor.

The main goal of Regional Chemotherapy is to create massive destruction to a particular tumor with the goal of destroying it completely. At the same time because of its localized focus, it spares healthy organs. Furthermore, as a wise ninja, who does not come to the fight alone, RCT has support. This support comes from the blood chemofiltration procedure that follows RCT.