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It is important to be proactive in order to stay in control of your fight with the cancer. To determine whether you are a good candidate for the Regional Chemotherapy treatment (RCT) for cancer patients, you need to do some homework and ask a few questions. You can feel out the Apply for Treatment form below and send us a request for information. Finally, because it can be a critical step in your cancer treatment, when you will get information from us, you should discuss this alternative with your primary healthcare provider. We will be happy to answer their questions as well.

For your convenience, below are some answers to basic questions regarding regional chemotherapy treatment that may be relevant to you.

  1. What is regional chemotherapy?

    Most relevantly and in simple terms, Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) is a method of chemotherapy in which specific tumors are targeted directly with appropriate medications. An oncological surgeon delivers chemical agents directly to the tumor through its arterial blood supply. Additionally, chemical filtration of the patient blood, after the procedure. As a consequence, this latter procedure helps to minimize negative side effects.

  2. What are the advantages of regional chemotherapy?

    There are many. One of the advantages of regional chemotherapy is that the treatment is hyper-focused and its effects are more immediate.Not only this method offers faster response to the drugs, it also can be effective for patients who developed resistance to some medications during systemic chemotherapy.

  3. Where are the clinics?

    The clinic of Prof. Dr. med. K. R. Aigner, who advanced the use of regional chemotherapy, is located in a beautiful small town of Burghausen, in Germany. It is a new modern facility with state of the art medical equipment. The clinic is run by a world-class medical team of oncologists, oncological surgeons, interventional radiologist, pharmacologist and incredible admin and support staff.

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