What is regional chemotherapy?

Regional chemotherapy is a methodology of chemotherapy in which specific tumors are targeted, rather than the entire body.

What are the advantages of regional chemotherapy?

One of the advantages of regional chemotherapy is that the treatment is hyper-focused and less toxic.

Where are the clinics?

Clinics practicing regional chemotherapy exist throughout Germany and are covered by various medical insurance policies.

Regional Chemotherapy is an effective and advanced method of chemotherapy used to target only specific tumors, rather than the entire body.

  • Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) breaks through tumour drug resistance.
  • With its targeted approach, RCT destroys cancer cells directly, while leaving healthy cells intact. Thus, it dramatically reducing the typical side effects present with conventional chemotherapy.
  • Hair loss and tiredness side effects are almost never observed (95%). This is due to specialized and focused treatment of the cancer and chemofiltration of the blood to remove drugs from the system.
  • Patients with stage 3 and 4 cancers experience improved quality of life. Low toxicity due to chemofiltration contributes to minimized side effects.
  • RCT is effective against many cancer tumours of solid tissues, like liver, pancreatic and bladder cancer and sarcomas.
  • For lung cancer stage 3 and 4, 1-year survival rate was at remarkable 46% versus 16.9% observed with conventional therapy.

Is your treatment effective for late-stage cancer?


For which types of cancer is Regional Chemotherapy the most beneficial?

What kinds of medical techniques do you use in Regional Chemotherapy?

How successful is your treatment?

“The advantage of Regional Chemotherapy is that it allows for a concentrated exposure at the tumor site. Combined with support by special techniques. Which means more effective drug uptake and reduced side effects.”

Practiced in a somewhat limited way by only a handful of top-tier American centres, Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) is the main focus in the clinic of Dr. Karl Aigner. Over his nearly forty years of practicing medicine, he and his medical team developed the strictest cancer treatment protocols. These protocols are based on studies supported by over 17 thousand RCT procedures.

For some reason, RCT has much more prominent footing in Europe, particularly in Germany. It is our eventual goal to see RCT more widely adopted in North America. The adoption of this cancer treatment type would add additional choices and benefits for many cancer patients.

Until now the late-stage and metastatic cancer patients have been the most common RCT patients. The evidence says that those with cancers which otherwise may not be treatable by more conventional treatment protocols could benefit the most. However, it is important to note that this treatment has been also successfully used for patients with early stage cancers.

The Induction Chemotherapy method has proven uniquely effective against many stage 4 and metastatic cancers. The list includes head and neck, lung, liver, and ovarian cancers among many others. Dr. Aigner also uses advanced techniques, such as hyperthermia and chemofiltration of the blood, to amplify and accelerate the effects of regional chemotherapy treatments. At the same time his methods successfully focus on minimizing side effects in his patients.

“If the patient suffers more than their tumor during therapy, then the approach is wrong”

Dr. Karl R. Aigner

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